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Highly referred to as the “White Diamonds of the Kitchen”, White Alba Truffle is upon the most prized and elusive ingredients in the gastronomical world. Foraged in the wild from October to December – two months only – their earthy, musky aroma and pleasantly nuanced flavours are splendidly celebrated in decadents’ feasts. From breakfast staples scrambled eggs to lavish shavings on succulent steaks for dinner, diligent chefs are curating dishes with the scare ingredient. Here are the highlights for limited-time seasonal menus not to be missed this time of the year.

Langoustine, Asparagus, White Truffle, Gradini


Simple Italian classic has returned to the Pottinger’s Gradini in a 6-course tasting menu. Featuring scrambled eggs with baby spinach, Orzetto with Porcini, Langoustine and more. All amplified by the aromatic White Truffle freshly shaved on each plate, the time-limited menu completes the night with a truffle white chocolate mousse for dessert. Guests are welcome to add extra shavings at $138 per gram according to their preferences. Be prepared for a lavish treat available now through 19 December.

Seasonal White Truffle at Fireside


H Code’s Fireside is deeply l0ved for its rustic and raw dishes with the most comprehensive open-fire grill in Hong Kong. Chef Miguel Gallo and his team proudly select the finest ingredients to present a natural yet dynamic flavour profile for each seasonal menu, and uphold their consistency for the White Truffle. They sourced the rare fungi from the famed origin of Italy wild forests. Priced at $148 per gram, they can be added to all dishes on the menu in the following weeks to better serve their promising “Omakase” experience. It is best paired with mains such as 30-days aged bone-in Cachena steak or dry-aged Grilled Threadfin fish for an ever-fulfilling combination.

A Taste of the White Diamonds at Cucina


Nestled within Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel. Cucina celebrates the beginning of the season with six white truffle dishes, quintessentially designed by Chef de Cuisine Andrea Delzanno. Sprinkling a personal touch in preparation, Chef Delzanno diligently selected the exquisite delicate from his hometown, Piedmont, Italy. Aside from the staples like the fluffy Taiyouran Scrambled Eggs and the cheesy Handmade Tagliolini with Butter and Truffle, selections of seafood and meat, served exclusively until 10 January 2022.


Reimagining French fare in the garden of PMQ, one-Michelin-starred Louise is introducing a white truffle rotating menu specifically for a discerning dinner at the intimate dining room. In case the signature menu is where one’s interests lay, they are offering additional White Alba Truffles shavings on request. The highlight includes Tapioca risotto and ceps butter, where 5g of truffles are served at $888 for the unforgettable delicacy.


Carbone is born to pay homage to Italian restaurants in New York dating back to the mid-20th century. Led by Chef Jack Carson, the team is ready to be brought to the next level by three carefully curated truffle dishes – Carbone Truffle Eggs Crostini, house-made Truffle Fettuccini slicked with Sardinian butter, and Ricotta Tortellini, all elevated with hints of White Alba Truffles. Cult favourites such as steaks and Carpaccio Piemontese await to be upgraded with a generous amount of white truffle shavings on request.

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