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There will always be something fresh to try in Hong Kong’s ever-changing culinary landscape. In order to keep up with that, we’ve compiled a list of 10 food bloggers to keep you eye on.


Christine’s wildly popular, chiaroscuro-rich Instagram and food blog concentrates on the majority of meaty Asian cuisine and desserts. With a dark background, the photos illustrate the contrasts in the vibrant colors of each dish. Additionally, she blogs about a variety of eateries ranging from fine dining restaurants to aesthetic cafes.


Nicole Wong’s sumptuous food photographs in town and wherever her travels lead him to encompass all from gourmet dining to street food. Her passion for food doesn’t end there, Wong runs her online bakery too. Readers may get a sense of her eagerness for checking out new eateries by looking at her emoji-heavy descriptions.


Similar to the first one, this food blog also follows a chiaroscuro-style theme. This renowned blog covers the best in dim sum, Cantonese cuisine, and sushi establishments, as well as being a true Asian food lover. Follow for dish-by-dish critiques backed up by a good dose of culinary know-how.


Not only does this cafe hopper review restaurants on Openrice and Google Reviews, but provides an in-depth summary of each establishment on Instagram too. Her vintage colorful photography accentuates the vast array of cuisines displayed on this blog from local Cha Chaan Tengs to Michelin Guide restaurants.


Being a Buddist foodie herself, this is one of the many food bloggers that provide some insight into Hong Kong’s plant-based delicacies out there. Melissa also provides various fine and casual dining restaurants around the city. Her skilled photography allows us to take a peek into her daily life too.


This famed food blogger takes artistic shots of culinary creations from fine dining restaurants to small eateries in the streets of Hong Kong. Though she centers her blog around pรขtisseries in town. Her product shots of diverse beverages and food are vibrant and vivid, thus capturing the finer points of each meal she consumes.


Employing a dark retro theme throughout her food account, this blogger mostly records all things sweet. Varying from kawaii cafes in unassuming alleys in hong kong to tea sets in luxury hotels. For those who have a sweet tooth, this is the ideal place for you and undoubtedly you’ll be hungry.


Serena has a strong passion for food photography, so it’s no surprise that her Instagram is aesthetic. Her food pictures frequently rely on natural light and ingredients, making for a happily cheerful account to watch. Lifestyle images of her out and about in the town add to the positivity are also included.


This account is run by two sister food bloggers who capture the most decadent food around Hong Kong with distinct cuisines. From a Vietnamese sandwicherie to a traditional izakaya and a modern Nepalese eatery. Moreover, the bright and colorful images on their blog could get you to start salivating at the delights.


Introducing and sharing new Asian and Western restaurants that are worth eating is @Majorinfood. Each review is carefully written to present an unbiased assessment of each of the restaurants without being too harsh. Also, this blogger has professional-like photography skills that enhance the texture and color of the showcased food.

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