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Room 309 is nestled away in the boutique hotel, The Pottinger. To enter this innovative bar located on the third floor, visitors must check-in first at ‘the reception’; you may obtain the keycard at the Envoy restaurant of the hotel on the same floor.

After entering, the mesmerizing hidden gem instantly attracts one’s eye. This enclaved drinking haven has a seating capacity for only 20 people. Room 309 is a secluded yet opulent cocktail hideaway. Moreover, the ornately decorated area mimics a hotel suite where regular visitors to the city used to stay. For example, antique wood pillars with lion heads, a majestic writing desk, and formal stationery items. These are just a few of the meticulous design features.

The lion has a dreamy character, hence why it is the chosen spirit animal of Room 309. Being most active between the magical hours of twilight and dawn, as seen on pillars. Liminality (or simplified as the space in between) represents flexibility and limitless possibilities, especially those of creativity, and therefore returns to the notion of ROOM 309.

Innovative Menu

Helmed by Executive Mixologist Antonio Lai and Bar Manager Hungie Fong guide the guests’ intimate affair at this disguised hotel room. They treat visitors to a selection of handmade cocktails and modern classics, to manipulate visitors’ sensations Because their menu is centered on the concept of imagination, it guarantees an experience, unlike any other bar.

The team at Room 309 has presented an innovative menu that gave rise to nine ‘invisible cocktails’; combining gastronomic technics with creativity. This idea of invisibility stems from the lack of aesthetics to amplify the sense of taste. For instance, peanut butter, salted egg yolk, and yogurt are among the unusual components that lead to one of the most distinctive cocktail sensations.

Listed below are recommendations by acclaimed mixologist Lai:

Banana di Mana

The Banana Di Mana

Firstly, a cocktail made from Beefeater 24 gin, mixed with banana nectar, coriander tincture. In addition to that soda water, small herbs, and simple syrup is added for a touch of sweetness. Additionally available as a mocktail for those who do not wish to consume alcohol.

Crystal Old Fashioned

Certainly, peanut butter aficionados will enjoy a cocktail created with re-distilled peanut butter bourbon, handcrafted wood chips bitters, and banana concentrate.


Kick start your night with a peak of elegance. Made with Santiago Queirolo Pisco Acholado, re-distilled Kahlua, clarified passionfruit purée, Angostura aromatic bitters. Finally topped off with a lovely rose petal.

Deep Sea Martini

Lastly, a sophisticated twist on the conventional Martini. It composes of redistilled Oolong tea mixed Scotch whiskey, Cinzano Bianco, and handmade kombu tincture. Prior to heading onto a fun weekend, delivered straight up or on the rocks with an umami flavor, making one all whimsical and tipsy.

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