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Even though its trademark ramen has received several accolades over the years, Takano has never forgotten its humble beginnings as a little mom-and-pop shop on Tokyo’s outskirts. Takano’s handmade ramen, which made them renowned, is already expanding. The ramen hot spot has been immensely popular since debuting its first Hong Kong location last year. So much so that New Town Plaza, a new location in Shatin, has recently opened its doors last month.

The restaurant’s second bureau outside of Japan is in classic New Town Plaza in Hong Kong, where it is a contemporary echo of the original store with identical relaxed wooden paneling and dim yellow lights. Through a huge glass window, diners can see the soothing process of hand-making noodles. However, as this is one of the best ramen places in town, anticipate a long queue of locals and tourists alike. You’ll have to wait every day of the week, indicating the hype about this restaurant. This packed eatery has a lively ambiance with energetic diners endlessly coming in and out of here.

However, not as spacious as its first branch in K11 Musea, this Takano does not have many tables to be seated at. To counteract this, a table of four can be split for two couples to dine in. Despite the use of Japanese-esque dividers where both couples can enjoy a private meal, this eatery has a cramped and narrow sitting space.


Although Takano’s ‘Soy Sauce Ramen’ has received a lot of acclaims and a Michelin recognition, we decided to go for the fiery Takano Dan Dan ramen. Takano’s uniquely modified Dan Dan ramen is highly regarded in Japan. Simple yet effective garnishes include grilled pork pieces and a soy-marinated egg which was an add-on. The well-cooked pork retains its tender and juicy texture. Moreover, the mild and spicy taste does not overpower the seductive aroma of the sesame sauce and the natural taste of the other ingredients. Thus giving off a creamy, rich, and nutty flavor throughout.

Small Bites

Another interesting feature of this ramen place is that they prepare their extremely delicious noodles. The black specks in the noodle strands come from the whole wheat flour they use. Hence giving the noodles a unique nutty flavor. It’s the ideal complement to the flavorful broth. Also, the texture is incredible. Despite being quite thin, the noodles are chewy and have a great hard bite.

Including its celebrated ramen, Takano Hong Kong’s newest site also provides a distinctive snack and children’s menu, which has proven to be popular among guests. We savored the deep-fried chicken with black pepper is a must-try. Delicately coated in a light, perfectly fried batter with black pepper, the chicken retains its distinct tender and juicy texture. In addition to the complement the peppery flavor, squeeze the slice of lemon that’s plated with the appetizer for a tangy touch.

Children may expect an adorable display as well as a unique lunch. A tiny Char Siu rice with a soft-boiled egg or a mini bowl of salt ramen is available for younger customers. Tofu fish cake, pan-fried gyozas, delectable strawberry ice cream waffles, and a little Yakult are offered with both selections. We opted for the mini Chashu Donburi; this filling bento box meal could be an adult favorite too. To sum up your meal, relish one of the multiple varities of sorbet to end on a sweet note.

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