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Give your burger a good pickle to make it laugh. Because burgers are simple yet distinct, they are one of the world’s most popular dishes. They’re so hard to resist. For Hong Kong’s foodies, choosing the perfect burger was a never-ending quest, with so many options viable for the citizens to choose from. Here are our top picks of burger places from the never-ending list in Hong Kong.

Burger Circus

Burger Circus delivers the lively buoyant ambiance of a classic American diner to Hollywood Road, Central. For instance, the quirky train-car-shaped dining area and embellishment celebrate the 1950’s eccentric American diners. These were historically housed in derelict and discarded train coaches. Succulent burgers made from freshly grilled beef mince. The American cheeseburger is a quintessential American burger and a firm favorite among diners. This pairs well with a side of loaded fries. Finally, to top your meal, grab a rich house-made pie or milkshake with ever-changing flavors monthly. This will have you coming back for more.

Beef & Liberty

This isn’t your typical casual burger joint. In fact, with a mature and chic design through glamorous elements, rich oak floors, and diverse lighting, this joint has an elegant atmosphere. Founder and head Chef Uwe Opocensky established the sincere Beef and Liberty burger franchise in Hong Kong. Specifically, Chef Uwe Opocensky and his staff focus on refining the bun-to-patty-ratio and making authentic juicy burgers, sourcing the highest quality ingredients. To illustrate, their tender and smoky chargrilled burgers are made from Australian grass-fed, hormone-free beef, adding to the luxury. All their beef burgers are popular favorites amongst the public, but savor their black pepper burger without a doubt. Seared with crushed black pepper, topped with tangy onion jam sauce, crunchy rocket leaves, and rich raclette cheese.

The Butchers Club

Built ground up, The Butchers Club started with a mission to study nose-to-tail butchery. The restaurant maintains its feel of a high-end butcher shop using dark walls and large signage. It retains the relaxed vibe of a burger joint. Similarly, each burger is meticulously prepared, beginning with dry-aging the beef, mincing patties across diners, and grilling them to a precisely perfect medium. This restaurant’s diverse menu satisfies on all fronts, whether you’re looking for beef, chicken, or plant-based burgers. Known for its peculiar flavor combinations, they were also included in the Michelin Guide in 2016 and 2017, for their bacon cheeseburgers. Other than their classic this, be sure to indulge in a piquant chicken burger, the gambler. Double-fried buttermilk chicken with a velvety blue cheese sauce and fiery coleslaw, coated in Frank’s RedHot sauce and butter!


Situated in the glossy neighborhood Starstreet precinct, Honbo fits right in. Also, with its blue and white walls on the exterior extending inside, Honbo radiates calm Greece vibes. In contrast, at night the bright orange neon sign screams fun and frivolity. It paints the perfect picture of how cities like Hong Kong are after sunset. Additionally, Honbo translated in Chinese is hamburger. Sticking to its name, Honbo’s, a local cheeseburger eatery promotes ideal and uncomplicated American-style burgers. Though Honbo is not only limited to that, some burger options are created with an Asian twist. A recommendation would be the soft shell crab burger. Deep-fried in batter with a ginger coleslaw and old bay tartar sauce, the fish patty is sandwiched between their pillowy home-baked potato milk buns. However, a burger is incomplete with a side of fries. Sample their hand-cut sweet potato fries to tie in the whole meal together.

Big Dill

A while ago, it was impossible to find decadent plant-based burgers in town that would satisfy your inner craving. Thankfully, this has changed, many burger establishments offer Impossible or Beyond Meat patties. Big Dill, on the other hand, is a completely plant-based restaurant that offers a menu consisting of popular American comfort food. This 80’s-style burger joint with quirky neon signage is hard to miss on 123 Third street. Furthermore, they produce in-house ‘meat’ patties and sauces from scratch. Namely, their big Double Dill packed with two signature juicy Big Dill ‘beef’ patties loaded with smoky ‘bacon’ is something that shouldn’t be skipped out on.

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